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Instead, they put a tag which states the total carat weight of all Top quality gucci in one piece. So when a customer looks at the tag, he believes that the main diamond in the piece is bigger than it appears to be. Always ask the store about carat weight of the main stone.

You should also pay attention to the fraction cheating practices. The jewelry stores are allowed to round off diamond weights. For example if a jeweler tells you that a diamond is 2/3 carat, then it means that actual weight of diamond is between 1/3 to 2/3, but its nearer to 2/3 carat. This is a Harvey diamond scam, so be waryVarying degrees of fake diamond scam are also used by jewelry store owners. These scams involve false but attractive description of diamond and strong lightening used to cover their defects.

You should always do business with a reputed and trustworthy jeweler to avoid this mishap. Stay away from jewelers you have not done any business in the past. Or you can ask your friends, family members to find a good jeweler so as to avoid jewelry scams.There are many more dirty tricks and scams pulled off by jeweler stores. A common unsuspecting customer can be easily fooled by them. Use your best assessment and consideration along with utmost care while purchasing Top quality gucci.

Suppose the jeweler refers to a diamond as “blue-white diamond”, as this sounds special, he may present it in a way which might give you a feeling of purchasing something unique. The truth is -this type of diamond is of low quality. Stores use special lights to showcase their diamonds.

They can also use very bright lights to make them shine, thereby concealing their shortcomings, if any.

Ask your jeweler to show the diamond in a normal and dim light as well to check for these facts.Other fake diamond scams involve low-balling which is a very effective strategy to con customers. Some genuinely unprincipled jewelers aim for those people who are willing to get appraisals on Tiffany Necklace. They want appraisal on Harvey diamond scams they purchased from elsewhere or received as a gift from a friend, family member or lover.

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