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Among multiple streams of career streams, one stands out as something different from others; the career of marriage and family counselor. Job of the counselor is different from others and the intricacies involved are also different.

Job Features

Basically the job of marriage and family counselor involves

* Helping families to deal with all their personal crisis;
* Coping with the stress within the relationships;
* Evaluation of relationship from outside perspective;
* Providing a real unbiased view;
* Help resolving emotional conflict within the family; and
* Bringing together all those involved within the family or in the marriage and help coping with their emotional behavior and all other related issues.

Methodologies Used

Normally the marriage and family counselor will help the family in distress using the psychological training he or she has taken. A strong belief and mental strength are extremely essential for such counselors who aim to sort out the problems of the family facing emotional problems. Ultimate goal of the counselor is preservation of the family system and for this he or she will focus on the entire family and not on any particular individual.

Employment Prospects and Earnings

With growing tensions in many families in the modern world that has lost many traditional values, the prospect of career building as family and marriage counselor is just great. Similarly, the earning prospects are also quite good with the average income in the range of $33,000-$50,000. Most of the counselors work like professional doctors changing their clients on hourly basis. Depending on the name and fame of the counselor, the earnings could be anywhere in the range of $50-$200.

Qualification and Training

Unlike many other professions it is necessary for building up the career as a family and marriage counselor.

* Required levels of education is a bachelors degree in psychology;
* In many states the requirement of education is a masters degree for adopting the job of counselor of family and marriage counselor;
* In addition; the counselor requires at least two years of supervised clinical experience.

Many universities these days are offering formal education and training for adopting the career of such a counselor. Good news for the prospective counselor is that not only they offer such training but many academies have also opened up their online training and orientation programs for working adults.

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